Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wonder Woman

I just saw "Wonder Woman" on OMNI2 (Rogers Cable 14). It's a very interesting film.

The story follows the life of a powerful Hong Kong businesswoman (played by a very attractive Gigi Leung) in the years immediately following the Hong Kong Handover back to China. She experiences a number of tragedies and tribulations. First, her husband dies in a car accident after he goes bankrupt. (In those years following the handover, the Hong Kong economy was in great turmoil.)

Then her uncle commits suicide because he goes bankrupt, and because she expressed her anger at him ("You deserve to die") for having cheated her in a real estate deal years earlier. He had the unmitigated gall to turn to her for financial help.

Then her young son dies of SARS. Consequently, the son of her dead uncle also dies of SARS -- he was the doctor taking care of her son, and when he realized he was dying, he confessed to her that he had loved her since childhood. He had also blamed her for his father's suicide.

Then in the turmoil of the Hong Kong economy, she loses her job, screwed over by her boss with whom she had a nascent romantic relationship.

So, with a dead husband, a dead uncle, a dead son, a dead first cousin, a lost job and ruined career, she becomes extremely despondent and turns to suicide. But at the last possible moment, a serendipitous event turns her life around...

And to a large extent, it was her ex-boss who (anonymously) helped her to rebuild her financial success.

But at the end of the film, I wondered whether financial success would be enough to help smooth over her pain, guilt, and grief in losing so many family members and to let her regain the joy of life. Perhaps this is what makes her a "Wonder Woman"...

I give the movie a hearty Thumbs Up.

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