Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Wow, the latest Bond film, which celebrates 50 years of Bond, raked in $87.8m this opening weekend!!! This is the biggest box office opening for a Bond movie, by far.

I think Skyfall is the best Bond film ever. There, I said it. It's much better than its predecessor, Quantum of Solace, which I found somewhat disappointing in the wake of the truly excellent Casino Royale. I had previously thought Casino Royale was the best Bond film ever. Let's face it, I love Daniel Craig. As Bond, he's even better than Sean Connery (although it's rather like comparing apples and oranges).

Oscar winner Javier Bardem adds a great deal of panache to the film playing Silva, one of the best Bond villains I've seen. Silva is a former MI6 agent who is out for revenge against 'M' (Judi Dench) for perceived betrayal. (This isn't the first time a former MI6 agent became a Bond villain. The first time was in the Pierce Brosnan Bond flick, Goldeneye, where Sean Bean played 006.)

Skyfall is like no other Bond movie. There is no grand scheme to take over the world. There is no vast high tech lair where the villain plots his scheme. There are no spectacular special effects, no incredible gadgetry, no super-enhanced sports car (more on this in a moment). The film is almost down to earth, relying on good characterization and good storyline.

However, you won't be disappointed. You'll still find plenty of action, spectacular travelogue photography (the night shots of Shanghai's skyline will take your breath away), gorgeous women, a beautiful score by Adele, and a super-enhanced sports car. Wait, didn't I just say...?

In celebration of 50 years of the Bond franchise, the movie pays homage to earlier Bonds by resurrecting the iconic Aston Martin DB5, complete with ejector seat and machine guns. (There's a lot of resurrection in this film, as Bond apparently dies at the beginning but comes back to life later on.)

At 2 hours and 23 minutes, I think Skyfall is the longest Bond film ever. Not surprisingly, the pace is a little bit more sedate. But director Sam Mendes gives us the opportunity to soak in the story and characters.

The ending sets us up for the traditional Bond motif moving forward (eg, we finally meet Moneypenny). I can hardly wait to see the next few Bond movies. I. Love. Bond...


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